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Welcome to WCMC Inc.

WCMC (Workers’ Compensation Modifier Controllers Inc.) is an occupational injury consulting team formed to aggressively assist employers in controlling the overall high cost and time consumption of their workers’ compensation claims while lowering the employers’ experience modifier rates.

  • WCMC has created a new division, Professional Recordkeeping OSHA Services (PROS) is dedicated to creating and maintaining the OSHA required 300 log of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, 301 Incident Report Form, and the 300A Summary form for our WCMC clients. PROS takes the burden of recordkeeping off of employers giving the employer peace of mind that their OSHA logs are always current and compliant.

What WCMC will do for you:

WCMC is designed specifically to assist employers in lowering their experience modifier and in the process, save money on their work comp premiums. We have proven solutions for overcoming the hurdles listed above and many other problems responsible for increasing your work comp premiums. Our job is to protect your rights and interests as an employer. The only interest WCMC has is to protect the clients’ best interest.

A company’s work comp premiums are determined by how high that company’s experience modifier is. The experience modifier is determined based on how frequent and how expensive that company’s work comp claims have been in the past.  By monitoring each work comp claim individually, WCMC is able to help keep the cost of the claim to a minimum, which will lower the experience modifier and ultimately decrease the amount paid in work comp premiums.

Reduction of Incurred Losses

We help you devise strategies to control the overall cost of each workers’ compensation claim. We are constantly reviewing medical treatments and we actively investigate medical records of claimants. Get the WCMC Advantage today!

We Take The Pressure Off

Will make all reasonable efforts to be available to our client as requested, to meet with various individuals or groups, to appear before administrative hearings or in a court of law to explain and justify any decisions made on the above services provided.

What Makes Us Unique

Once a claim is received our team quickly works to contact both the injured employee and the employer for information concerning the injury. This is the point where we begin to get a feel for the injury and often decide which direction we need to take the claim.

You Can Hold Us Accountable

In order to serve our clients’ best interest we must recognize the responsibilities of all other parties involved when a work related injury occurs. It is WCMC’s responsibility to hold all parties accountable as well as ourselves.

See Our Results

The results don’t lie. By monitoring each work comp claim closely, WCMC produces real, objective results. WCMC has helped companies in all kinds of industries lower the expense paid on their work comp claims, ultimately lowering premiums.