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How It Works

A company’s work comp premium is determined by the insurers base rates and the employer’s experience modifier. The experience modifier is determined by the frequency and expense of that company’s past work comp claims.  By monitoring each work comp claim individually, WCMC is able to help keep the cost of the claim to a minimum, which lowers the experience modifier and ultimately decreases the amount paid in work comp premiums.

Our mission is to assist employers in streamlining their workers’ compensation program in every aspect, from filing the initial claims to the date the file closes with the insurer.

As employer representatives, we strive to react immediately to work related injuries when they occur.

What WCMC will do for you is:

  • File all necessary occupational injury reports with the proper entities
  • Recommend denial or acceptance of each claim, based upon investigation of claims
  • Document all pertinent information related to the incident and investigate statements from all involved parties while monitoring for any inconsistencies
  • Investigate statements from all involved parties while monitoring for any inconsistencies
  • Obtain medical releases for return to work programs
  • Investigate medical records of claimants
  • Devise strategies to control the overall cost of each workers’ compensation claim
  • Work with the insurance carrier to monitor reserve figures and represent the employer at reviews
  • Maintain a flow of necessary information in a timely manner among all involved parties
  • Continue to keep the employer updated with the developments on their workers’ compensation claims