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Ask yourself these questions:

-How many times have you felt a work comp claim was not actually work related?

-How upset were you when the doctor or chiropractor totally disabled your employee when you had work he/she could have done?

-Have you ever felt that your insurance company/claims examiner isn’t doing what you felt was in your best interest?

-If you do have someone currently monitoring work comp claims how many hours do they spend a week doing this instead of the job for which they were hired?

-Are you frustrated with your company’s high experience modifier year after year?

-Are you interested in saving money on your company’s work comp premiums?

WCMC is designed specifically to assist employers in lowering their experience modifier and in the process, save money on their work comp premiums. We have proven solutions for overcoming the hurdles listed above and many other problems responsible for increasing your work comp premiums. Our job is to protect your rights and interests as an employer. The only interest WCMC has is to protect the clients’ best interest.


A company’s work comp premiums are determined by how high that company’s experience modifier is. The experience modifier is determined based on how frequent and how expensive that company’s work comp claims have been in the past.  By monitoring each work comp claim individually, WCMC is able to help keep the cost of the claim to a minimum, which will lower the experience modifier and ultimately decrease the amount paid in work comp premiums.

A constant dialogue is maintained with all parties to insure the work comp claim is handled cost effectively and as quickly as possible. WCMC monitors and makes recommendations on the claims handling process on a daily basis. We strive to answer all questions by the employee to help them understand what their responsibilities are after filing a claim. All information is shared with all necessary parties in order to help control the cost of the work comp claim and return the worker to his/her employment quickly.

WCMC also utilizes a network of resources available for our clients including recommended Occupational Injury Doctors and Legal Counsel.   Occupational injury doctors believe in quick return to work program for the employee’s own benefit, and our Legal Counsel has specialized in the defense of employers in workers compensation matters for over twenty years.

If this has peaked your interest, we need only to receive an email or phone call to set up an appointment. At that time we will evaluate your situation and determine if our program can help you. Our current client list includes such industries as home health care, nursing homes, temporary employment agencies, public housing agencies, construction companies, car dealerships, and hair salons.

WCMC is “not” an insurance agent/agency, QRC or TPA, nor are we owned or operated by one. We are an independently owned consulting firm, affiliated to no agency or insurer. We are an independent consulting firm specializing in creative case management when dealing with workers’ compensation injuries. WCMC is hired by the employer to monitor how their money is spent on workers’ compensation claims. The Insurance Company or Third Party Administrator make all claim decisions but WCMC makes sure the employers views are presented.