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Testimonials – These are excerpts from our many testimonials. Please click anyone of them to view the actual letter sent by the companies. 

“I am extremely satisfied. I was completely blown away with your success.”

Jeff Siegfried

Fixed Operations Director, Friendly Chevrolet Inc.

“This one experience clearly showed me that WCMC’s involvement provided the necessary oversight of the claim”

Cyndi M. Radant

Director Human Resources, Lerner Publishing Group

“For any company that is having problems with its’ workers compensation expense, WCMC is the answer.”

Stephen J. Sawyer

Former CFO & VP Finance, Victor Plastics Inc.

“WCMC has been instrumental in helping us reduce our workers compensation cost”

Gene Leistico

COO, ACR Homes Inc.

“Has helped us take actions to improve our overall work comp picture”

Penny Claussen

Business Manager, Community Options & Resources

“I have gone from a 2.51 mod to a 1.04 mod rating”

Nancy O. Peyton

Franchisee, DBA Great Clips

“Annette and the WCMC team are a safety net for our clients for their workers’ compensation.  Having them involved makes us and the business owner feel better.” 

Kyle Anderson

Producer, Assured Partners of Minnesota

“I commend WCMC for their friendly and knowledgable staff. “

Jill A. Kaske. MPH

Administrator, Extended Family Home Care

“I recommend their service to any company seeking to control work comp costs”

Bob McDermott

Controller, Gauthier Industries Inc.

“They have done a exemplary job at controlling our cost.”

Andrea Fischer

Human Resource Director, Village Automotive Group

“The staff at WCMC know work comp and are able to manage claims resulting in positive outcomes for both employer and employee.”

Monica Schmidt

Administrator, Community Living, Inc.

“Essentially it has just been a great experience”

Laurie Wabner

Owner, Creative Care Resources

“We found that WCMC has exceeded all of our expectations.”

Susan Ohlund

Office Manager, Savanna Pallets, Inc.

Dave and his staff always respond quickly to claims. Annette would always say ” they want their insureds Workers Compensation to pay what is due, but no more.”

We have worked with them often in the past 15 years, and have had a great experience.

AL Johnson

Protection Connection, Inc. DBA Ensure

This note is simply to express my appreciation for the work that you do and for your staff. Each of your employees are professional, very responsive, and easy to work with.

Geri Cookie - 651-343-2175